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Children wear socks more benefits

San Mao, especially when young writers do not like shoes, socks and shoes that are a constraint, walking barefoot on the floor, to make her feel happy.

The problem is, nike elite socks custom happy and healthy sometimes contradictory.

"The doctor, the child has done the body warm, nike elite socks customize the air temperature is not low, the wind did not blow against children, the children how they had diarrhea?" In Shaoxing City MCH pediatric clinic, Ms. Lee, who lives south of downtown wonder he asked.

"May be caused by children not wearing socks." Hospital deputy director of pediatric physician Zhong Yongxing he said.

Children easily get cold feet, so foot local vasoconstriction, nike elite custom socks reducing blood flow, resulting in decreased local immunity child, the original virus and bacteria lurking in the nasopharynx, it will multiply, children are likely to catch a cold diarrhea.

"Foot warm and cold plays a major role, even in the intolerable heat of summer, how to customize nike elite socks children must be properly do the job warm feet." Zhong Yongxing introduced with respect to adults, the baby's large heat capacity, but also more likely to sweat, activity will tend to be sweating a little, then if the ambient temperature is low, customized nike elite socks your child's feet will easily become cold.

Some parents think that summer is not for children to wear socks, customizable nike elite socks is to give children a refreshing air, this view is wrong. Children foot skin more tender, and he likes to mess turmoil kicking, if not wear socks, toe or foot skin easily bump damaged, and wear socks can protect the child's feet.

With respect to adults, children foot skin barrier function is relatively weak, custom nike elite socks the outside world harmful substances easily penetrated the skin thus, the probability will increase skin infections, wear socks, you can effectively play the role of a barrier ʱ??

"Similar to the 'children do not wear socks to help foot development' rumor is not entirely correct, customize your own nike elite socks the child should choose permeability good, thick, pure cotton socks for feet, so that it helps the child's foot development. "

Foot is a "human root"

Shenyuan Liang chief physician from the perspective of Chinese medicine, explains the importance of the foot: "The people of a foot, Yousi tree has roots, tree dry root first dried up, old people feet first failure, but the body there 'four' are the ears, bridge of the nose, breast root and foot root, where 'heel' is four of the country, can be said to be 'the root of the human body'. "

Long summer barefoot shoes, if the case meets the rain poured inside the shoe, the more likely to affect the skin cortex. Secondly, foot commonly known as "second heart", there are many points, these points and internal organs are closely linked, it is rich in blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings, and human health are closely related.

City Hospital attending acupuncture practitioners believe that Yang Yu, speaking from the perspective of Meridian, foot warm is important, "there are more than sixty feet important points of the human body, but also by foot yin and the pool at the foot Sanyang Foot yin foot away from abdominal chest, foot Sanyang foot walk from scratch, in charge of the liver, spleen and kidney and other vital organs, if not pay attention to warm, it will affect the normal operation of human organs. "

"Before going to sleep at night, you can use warm water foot bath to stimulate the meridians, improve the body's organs function." Yang Yu pointed out that "the lunar calendar in June for the long summer season, heat dampness, air humidity, customize nike elite socks wet feet susceptible evil, but also easy to breed fungi, or tinea pedis relapse, this time, to keep the foot dry and breathable, wear socks to avoid direct skin to make feet soaked in sweat, the improved permeability of the foot. "

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